Who are we?

We are a team of writers specialised in all university fields with a wide professional trajectory. We have done lots of projects about many different topics and levels, highschool, undergraduates, graduates, PhDs…

Who will be on charge of my project?

Each project that is done in Gabinete de Estudios is assigned to one or several writers depending the characteristics of it, the extension and the level of investigation that requires. Finally, seeing the client’s necessities, we offer the total or partial work he has asked for. Furthermore you will be able to contact with the person that will do your paper so you can give him all the directions.

Is it a confidential service?

Completely. When you do a request to our company we will ask you to facilitate only what is necessary for the payments and to be in touch: your personal information such as name and surname, phone number and email address. We will never give your information to third parties.

Is it 100% plagiarism free?

Our papers are 100% originals and they only come from the work of our team members that have done it. We collaborate with everyone that forms the team and we only count on with the bests in their fields. They all have a wide trajectory and this implies a respect for their work. In Gabinete de Estudios we guarantee the author rights. This is why we use plagiarism detection tools, also used by many universities, to legitimate our work.


Each project is unique and different so it requires to be evaluated in order to make an estimation of the final price. In Gabinete de Estudios we give the chance to do the payments through a deposit in our bank account, pay through our website or by bank transfer. Also you can do once at a time or split it in 2 or 3 parts.